Surgex For Performance


Acquire the highest quality users to enhance marketing ROI

Our programmatic platform uses machine learning and optimization algorithms to focus on acquiring engaged customers from the start. It taps into relevant mobile supply channels with a ROI centric approach to maximize customer value and quality.

The Features

High Scalability

ROI Optimization Algorithms

Fully Managed Service

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Data Driven

24/7 Support

30+ Ad Exchanges / SSPs with access to 1.5Bn+ Mobile Users

Pure Performance Based Pricing

Work on performance-based pricing models to ensure conversion of your users to true customers along their journey.


Customer Targeting and Segmentation

Mob Avenue supports geo, operating system, type of connection, exchange, network, traffic class, device, browser and more, helping advertisers accurately locate target users.


Run Campaigns with Unrivaled Transparency

Visual demonstration of real-time campaign performance and multi-dimensional data reporting, to facilitate campaign optimization.

Benefits of using the platform

Access to all relevant mobile supply channels

Real-time analytics

Access to all creative formats

Easy-to-use interface

Fraud detection and prevention mechanisms

Dynamic audience segmentation capabilities

Access to granular reporting

Extensive data integration and APIs

Advanced targeting features

Our Partners